[Dshield] NMAP/Ethereal primer

Tod Beardsley todb at planb-security.net
Tue Sep 23 13:41:51 GMT 2003

Louis Hablas wrote:
> Can anybody point me to some good, laymen's terms documents? I've
> looked at HELP in both cases, but I want to hear from the perspective
> of the experts out there and particularly would like to hear about the
> features I should focus on that will help me best understand...

The best place to start would be the man pages (the manuals):


Man pages tend to be about half way between layman and geek. After 
you're done with that (and done experimenting with whatever catches 
your fancy), cruise around the above sites for tons and tons of more 
info. You'll likely come across mailing list archives, example 
documentation, etc.

One other decent source for security foo for beginners is rr.sans.org -- 
however, since they went to all embedded PDF, search functionality kind 
of sucks any more (Google on "tcpdump site:rr.sans.org" to see what I 

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