[Dshield] Fwd: ALERT: Your email has not been received byeBay.(KMM90984046V82225L0KM)

Paul Fottler paulf at salem.cc
Tue Sep 23 16:43:59 GMT 2003


Outlook has a function that is basically the normal "forward" from other clients, it is just stupidly hidden and not anywhere intuitive to find for use. I found this out from the Postfix installation guide by Scott Vintinner located at:

Steps to "resend" and email.
-Open the received email.
-Go to the "Actions" menu item.
-Select "Resend this message" from the bottom of the list.
-Answer yes, when it whines about you not being the original sender.
-Delete the original recipients in "To, CC, and BCC" fields.
-Delete the original sender name in the "From" field. This may need to be enabled in the "View" menu.
-Enter your new desired recipient/s and send.

As far as I have seen, this will perform a traditional forward, preserving headers and such.
Hope this helps.

Paul Fottler
Information Systems Lead
Salem Communications

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> You might also use the "Forward as attachment" option.   This 
> will preserve
> the headers.  Of course, they may not accept forwards as attachments,
> either, in which case the following statement would apply:
> It could be that the contents of a compost pile are more 
> technically capable
> than the people they (eBay) employ.
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> > Keith,
> >
> > Have you tried telling them of your concerns?
> >
> > It could be that you are technically more capable than the 
> people they
> employ.
> >
> > They might welcome your insight.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Frank Kamp
> >
> >
> > Keith Bergen wrote:
> >
> > > <rant>
> > > Well, here I was diligently reporting the problem to Ebay.
> > > Knowing how Outlook worked, I created a new message to
> > > spoof at ebay.com, and then attached the original message. This
> > > would allow them to view the original message intact. For
> > > those that use Outlook, if you simply forward the message,
> > > you get none of the useful header information.
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