[Dshield] GoDaddy takes on VeriSign...

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Tue Sep 23 20:00:26 GMT 2003

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>Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 15:53:49 -0400
>From: David Hart <DavidHart at tqmcube.com>  
>Subject: Re: [Dshield] GoDaddy takes on VeriSign...  
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>On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 09:25, *Hobbit* wrote:
>> Interesting, considering that godaddy seems to cater to an 
awful lot
>> of spammer/scammers/clearly-falsified-owners...
>GoDaddy offers an anonymous registration service. They will 
>to get in print.

I think I would be a bit more happy if a more legitimate 
registration service were suing. If godaddy loses and sets a 
precedent, this could benefit Verisign even more.

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