[Dshield] monkeys.com UPL being DDOSed to death

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Tue Sep 23 20:48:37 GMT 2003

Greetings to all:

I have some really sad news. I just got off the telephone with Ron Guilmette who runs the monkeys.com Unsecured Proxies List DNSBL. I hate to say it, but monkeys.com has been killed. It has been DDOSed to death.

Ron says that every aspect of his network is undergoing a massive DDOS attack from thousands of IPs -- apparently many/all spoofed. He has tried to get law enforcement to investigate, but to no avail. He indicated that this is probably the end of his service.

This makes two DNSBLs that have been DDOSed to death recently. Which one is next? NJABL? ORDB?

The computer security industry really needs to figure out how to get law enforcement to take these attacks seriously. It would only take a few good prosecutions to put an end to these types of attacks. Any thoughts/suggestions?

This is really a dark day for those of us fighting spam. It looks like the spammers have won a BIG battle. The only question now is who will be the causality in this war?

Jon R. Kibler
A.S.E.T., Inc.
Charleston, SC  USA

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