[Dshield] MAC address registry?

Jeff Godin jeff at tcnet.org
Tue Sep 23 21:27:54 GMT 2003

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Josh Tolley wrote:

> I've seen people post practicals and things
> telling about how they found what brands different routers and things
> were based on MAC address -- where do I go to look that stuff up? Google
> didn't return anything immediately apparent, though I'm going to keep
> looking... Thanks in advance.


The first half of an IEEE 802-series standard MAC address is the
Organizationally Unique Identifier.

Look them up or download the latest copy here:

For an OUI FAQ, see http://standards.ieee.org/faqs/OUI.html

A lot of software uses this information, or this combined with other
supplemental information when telling you what manufacturer claims the MAC
address you see on your network (Ethereal, many others).


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