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Thor Larholm thor at pivx.com
Wed Sep 24 20:29:39 GMT 2003

You are correct, I should not have replied to Mark when I had not yet had my morning coffee. The dynamic rendering of OBJECT elements still trigger the HTA functionality exposed in Windows. Personally, though, I see this as an unrelated vulnerability regarding static/dynamic code rendering which has a greater impact than just allowing HTA code to execute.
Both GM#001 and thePulls POC, which malware cites, are one and the same issue instead of two separate, they both trigger the dynamic rendering of HTML instead of the static - GM#001 just does this without requiring scripting.
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	Actually the MS03-032 patch doesn't stop the object data vulnerability.
	Check it here... http://www.secunia.com/MS03-032/
	I am patched with MS03-032 ( Q822925 ) but am still vulnerable.
	Possibly the particular version at haxr.org is the exploit that the
	fixes but if it is, it could easily be modified to the vuln that still
	works.  Only way to really stop it is kill your activex scripting for
	untrusted sites.

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