[Dshield] Microsoft - Threat to National Security?

Nick Heywood nickh at nicksweb.net
Wed Sep 24 21:33:43 GMT 2003

Hi All,

I rairly post to the group as I consider my self a novice compared to the
expertise and skills of the participants in this group, but this topic is
just thinking.

Microsofts' share of the OS market means that most of the worlds IT
inrastructure is generic. Throughout history, where a group has been
genetically homogenous they havn't lasted long. While it is desireable to
have generic attributes, which means it's theoretically more difficult for
something to evolve into a threat as the environment doesn't have the
diversity of vulnerablities to work with and therefore eploit, once a
vuberability is discovered it spreads easily as, "one size fits all".

While the worlds IT infrastrutcure is homogenous the worlds IT system are
vulnerable to successful exploitation. Which on various levels is a threat
to any countrys' national security.

If the world was to use a variety of systems, then it stands to reason that
the only systems effected would be those with an exploitable weakness, which
would in turn be only a portion of system as opposed to the whole lot. It
would also make it much more difficult for a "cyber organism" to propogate
as it wouldn't have generic "hosts" to utilise.

Yes, Microsoft is a threat on all sorts of levels, but it's not Microsofts
fault. It's the worlds fault for making the choices its' made.

Nick Heywood

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Has anyone else had a chance to read this report regarding how
Microsoft's monopoly position makes it a national security threat? I'd
be curious to hear other people's take on this. I'm still trying to come
up with something coherent, it's certainly controversial, I'll give it
Go here and click on the Read Report link -

Please don't make this an o/s war thread, that's not in anyone's best


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