[Dshield] Microsoft - Threat to National Security?

Nick Heywood nickh at nicksweb.net
Thu Sep 25 14:13:16 GMT 2003

We do have a debate ;-)

I do indeed understand the "Wintel" concept, and my computing heritage
starts at apple II's and through the entire range of these OS's. I also
witnessed the evolution of DOS the demise of ProDOS and others.

It doesn't change the fact that the world "chose".  The reasons they chose
the way they did is an entirely different argument.

But we digress, we still have an hemogenous operating environment, which is
not good.  Sooner or later there will be an exploit discovered by the wrong
people at the wrong time, and potentially, at the extreme end, the worlds IT
infrastructure will be toast.

What would make it different is education and awareness. Get everyone
setting their OS's up for what they intend to do with them instead of just
"letting it happen" on install and administration.

That would render even all the "Wintels" different in operation, and
therefore not as vulnerable as a whole.


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Oh, puh-leeeze..

On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 07:33:43AM +1000, Nick Heywood wrote:
> Hi All,
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> Yes, Microsoft is a threat on all sorts of levels, but it's not
> Microsofts fault. It's the worlds fault for making the choices its'
> made.
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This sort of statement suggests a significant lack of understanding of
the last 2 decades of microcomputer operating system, application
software, and hardware design history.

Does the term "WIntel" ring any bells?

There has not been any meaningful "choice", particularly in the last

Any shift away from the Micro$oft/Window$/Intel monopoly firmly
entrenched over the last 10-15 years has only slowly taken place, in
perhaps the last 3 or 4...

- John
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