[Dshield] RE: Gathering information on an IP address

Moore.JB@forces.gc.ca Moore.JB at forces.gc.ca
Thu Sep 25 17:16:19 GMT 2003

You may find the following site useful:


In addition a useful utility program provided by InfoBureau
at a nominal cost (approx $30 or thereabouts), will perform
this job for you.  You can enter an IP individually one at a time
or can load in a list of IPs from a batch file.  You can also create
notes on specific IPs that can be kept in the database along
with the associated IP information.  This will be kept in the
database and appear as a link whenever this IP is required
for whatever reason.  There is a number of other useful
features.  See the link provided below for details.


Hope this helps.

Bruce Moore

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