[Dshield] RBL deaths OT?

Darren Gasser kaos at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 25 19:39:14 GMT 2003

Ray Seals wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 11:43, Bjorn Stromberg wrote:
>> What's to prevent your commercial business from going under due to
>> the same massive DDoS attacks that Osirusoft, Monkeys, and Compu-Net
>> received?
>> The only effective method to keep a RBL up is to do it in a
>> distributed method and distributed projects don't seem to be
>> commercially viable at this point.
> What about using something like bit torrent to distribute your list?
> I
> don't know a whole lot about bit torrent, but it seems like we have
> P2P
> file sharing down pat.  That would be a good way to deliver the
> content.

There are several discussions regarding this going on in other venues right
now.  The main problem with using P2P networks for this is that they aren't
really designed for version-controlled data like you'd need for an RBL and
the security model would need some serious work to accurately identify the
legitimate current blocklist and prevent spammers from flooding the network
with bogus versions.

A similar idea that seems to solve most of the technical and security
concerns is FreeNet (http://freenet.sourceforge.net/).


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