[Dshield] RBL deaths OT?

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Thu Sep 25 20:16:25 GMT 2003

Ray Seals wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 11:43, Bjorn Stromberg wrote:
> > What's to prevent your commercial business from going under due to the same
> > massive DDoS attacks that Osirusoft, Monkeys, and Compu-Net received?
> >
> > The only effective method to keep a RBL up is to do it in a distributed
> > method and distributed projects don't seem to be commercially viable at this
> > point.
> What about using something like bit torrent to distribute your list?  I
> don't know a whole lot about bit torrent, but it seems like we have P2P
> file sharing down pat.  That would be a good way to deliver the content.

No can do. Why? Simple -- RBLs must be tightly controlled. If not, then spammers could use them to exploit known insecure systems, making spammers' jobs even easier.

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A.S.E.T., Inc.
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