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Wayne Larmon wlarmon at dshield.org
Thu Sep 25 20:45:04 GMT 2003

> It appears that for some reason the data is not updating.  I just
> checked my
> id for the data that has been submitted today. It shows 0 records.
> Johannes, Wayne, any idea what is going on.
> Deb H

I checked my own account and see some logs for today but only for the first
few hours of today.  I don't see the ones I've submitted throughout the day.
I'm not sure what is going on.  I don't see any major problems, but it does
look like one of the processing tasks has stalled.  At this level, Johannes
will have to look at it and he won't be available for a few days.

And BTW, the list has been very busy lately.  I've only rejected a very few
posts.  Please make sure that if you post, that you are contributing signal
so that we don't have to start rejecting borderline posts.  The "Microsoft -
Threat to National Security" thread is getting real close to being declared
off topic.  Thanks.

Wayne Larmon

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> Hello, out there!
> Does anyone knows something about the dshield.org reports of 25th Sep?
> Nothing - I can't believe it! :-))
> Greetings						Hanke Penning

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