[Dshield] Fwd: Newest Network Upgrade

Sue Young smy at gcmlp.com
Thu Sep 25 21:03:11 GMT 2003

We also had an "educational" experience yesterday.  A guy brought welchia in
on a laptop.  Just about everything was patched, but the 4 servers that
weren't nearly took down the whole network.  Luckily they just authorized
HFNetChkPro for us and said that I can patch major problems immediately so
in the future I shouldn't miss any machines.  It would have been a nightmare
if any more machines hadn't been patched.  I am so not laughing at the State
Department right now.  One laptop can cause a world of hurt.

Sue Young

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John Sage <jsage at finchhaven.com> writes:
>I'm sorry to put it to you this way, but email of this sort is *very* 
>old news.
>One might well ask where you've been for, say, the last week.
For informations sake, I work in education, and I don't usually have time to
read all list mail promptly.  So, yes, this was discussed on the list. 
I found that in the archives.  However, we are still seeing it here and I
wanted to be sure to submit it in case it was something that was NOT old. 
I figure the list is moderated, and if my post were really pointless it
would not hit the list.
	The reality here is that we are on an educational network, and my
firewalls are still seeing massive hits from machines in other facilities
that are infected with Blaster.  Around here things are months, not weeks,
behind where some of you guys are.
	While I am on the topic, I should mention that this list has been of
immense value and bought me some points with management.  I warned that
Blaster was coming and we needed to patch.  It was not viewed as high
priority and we got hit.  I used knowledge I got from this list to fix the
problem.  It might not sound like the perfect story, but because of 
information gleaned from this list management around here is starting to
understand why security needs to be a higher priority.   I was happy today
to walk into my bosses office to see him reading some SANS documentation I
had sent him.


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