[Dshield] RBL deaths OT?

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Fri Sep 26 00:19:22 GMT 2003

BarkerJr wrote:
> Interestingly, SpamAssassin is also distributed via CPAN.  So, to
> knock it offline, you'd have to basically take down the entire
> internet.  Talk about getting the FBI's attention!

I hate to get political, but this is a political problem.

The FBI **DOESN'T** care about the Internet. In fact, if you look at just about everything that DoHS publishes, it considers the Internet itself a potential threat to national security. (This administration has the exact opposite opinion of the Internet as did the previous administration. They even had that opinion before 9/11/2001.)

There are only two times the FBI will take action about some Internet related:
   -- When an attack gains widespread media attention and they would look bad not taking action, and
   -- When they can make the Internet look bad -- like being the cause of child porn.

When it comes to Internet prosecutions, I can tell you from personal experience, the FBI is useless.

Besides, the FBI is powerless to do anything about most of the attacks. What are they going to do about attacks initiated by Russian mob, Nigerian, or Syrian spammers? 

How many years have we had all these Nigerian scams going on, first by letter, then by email? How many arrests have they made? Not many, if any.

And you think the FBI is going to come to your rescue? Give me a break! They're impotent in these matters.

Who should be working to shut these clowns down? The big Internet backbone providers: Sprint, C&W, UUnet, AT&T, to name a few. Think you can get them to take action against these clowns? Lots of luck.

If backbone providers gave $0.00001 about DOS attacks, they would take some very simple common sense actions that would put a stop to this nonsense. The easiest, and most totally brain dead of them all: Simply filter all incoming traffic -- if it claims to originate from a netblock other than that of the feed, drop the packets. 

In fact, they could make it even easier on themselves: Simply require everyone to which they provide service do egress filtering. There, a simple solution with no cost to the backbone provider. Think you can get them to give you even 30 seconds to explain why they should be doing it? Lots of luck.

Yes, I am on a RANT. I am getting more cynical by the day about any chance of anyone being able to clean up the Internet.

The only chance we have is to raise a BIG stink. Everyone that subscribes to this group should be writing letters to the editor of each of their local news papers complaining about the growing DOS problem, and law enforcement and the Internet backbone providers unwillingness to do anything about it.

Sorry I am so negative. 


Jon R. Kibler
A.S.E.T., Inc.
Charleston, SC  USA

P.S. I hate to be so disagreeable, but I also disagree that taking CPAN down would have a measurable impact on the Internet's operation.

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