[Dshield] RBL deaths OT?

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Fri Sep 26 02:26:03 GMT 2003

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> > Interestingly, SpamAssassin is also distributed via CPAN.  So, to
> > knock it offline, you'd have to basically take down the entire
> > internet.  Talk about getting the FBI's attention!
> I hate to get political, but this is a political problem.
> The FBI **DOESN'T** care about the Internet. In fact, if you look
> at just about everything that DoHS publishes, it considers the
> Internet itself a potential threat to national security. (This
> administration has the exact opposite opinion of the Internet as
> did the previous administration. They even had that opinion before
> 9/11/2001.)  

Sorry, that last sentence was meant as a bit of humor.

I agree 100% about them not caring about the internet.  Their
$5,000-before-they-even-look policy proves that.  I mean, the federal
police just turning a blind eye on the petty-thefts of service?

> P.S. I hate to be so disagreeable, but I also disagree that taking
> CPAN down would have a measurable impact on the Internet's
> operation.  

There are a lot of CPAN mirrors.  I mean hundreds.  That's a lot of
packets flying across the internet.  I'm sure that it'd slow down the
internet somewhat.

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