[Dshield] Mac address registry?

Rich Holt holt.rich at comcast.net
Sun Sep 28 02:39:02 GMT 2003

Try running the IP addresses through SamSpade (http://www.samspade.org) and
NetCraft (http://netcraft.co.uk).  I have found these to be quite


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I seem to remember a tool called queso that could be used to identify an
OS remotely. I'm not sure how different it is from nmap -O since I
haven't used it in some time. Just thought I'd throw the lead your

Adam Kosmin

" Hi, All...
" I have a couple unknown devices on my network, and want to find out what 
" sort of devices they are before I raid the office looking for them. Nmap 
" -O doesn't give much, because it seems these UND (Unidentified Network 
" Devices *grin*) aren't responding to anything other than a ping. So 
" basically all I have is the MAC address I pulled from my arp cache after 
" pinging the silly things. I've seen people post practicals and things 
" telling about how they found what brands different routers and things 
" were based on MAC address -- where do I go to look that stuff up? Google 
" didn't return anything immediately apparent, though I'm going to keep 
" looking... Thanks in advance.
" Josh Tolley

# chown -R linux.GNU world

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