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Sun Sep 28 06:00:10 GMT 2003

K.C. attacked before court hearing

For the past four days the website of Kavkaz Center news and
information agency has been subjected to a massive cyber attack.
First the hackers were using the weakest link on the server – some
encryptions on the website with which the server's database was
experiencing pressure from a large number of simultaneous inquiry
packages. Is has been established that the hackers were using a
server located in the United States and rented just for the purpose
of conducting that particular cyber attack. The cyber criminals were
on the territory of Russia and were using Russian software. After two
days of the attack the website would freeze from time to time (on
Monday and Tuesday), and sometimes the users could not access it.

During the whole day on Wednesday the server of Kavkaz Center website
was experiencing serious technical difficulties due to the
malefactors' ongoing attempts to hack the site. The website's
administration had to turn the server off the net for several hours.
Due to technical problems the access to the website was not stable.
On Thursday the malefactors repeated their mighty attack. This time a
classic DOS-attack was used from several IP-addresses. Megabit
channel of the server was stuffed and the access to the website got
much worse. Thousands of website's readers were unable to access
Kavkaz Center's webpage.

At the present moment the unceasing attacks are continuing. Kavkaz
Center 's technical specialists are taking proper measures to block
the attempts of the cyber criminals to disrupt the work of the
Chechen international news and information agency.

There is a noticeable fact that this mighty hacking was undertaken on
the eve of the hearing in the Vilnius Court on the case of seizing
the server of Kavkaz Center by Lithuanian security services and on
the illegitimate attempts to shut the website down on the territory
of Lithuania under the demonstrative pressure from Russia. The next
court session will be held on September 26. Earlier the Court ordered
the Special Ethics Commission to draw up a conclusion of experts on
the document by Lithuanian State Security Department, which blocked
the work of the website and accused Kavkaz Center of violating the
laws of Lithuania.

After conducting proper examination, Lithuanian Ethics Commission
unanimously rejected all accusations by the State Security Department
and stated that Kavkaz Center has not violated any laws of the
Republic of Lithuania. One may assume that the current hacking attack
on the website is sort of revenge for the failure of Moscow's
attempts to put pressure on the Lithuanian authorities and block the
work of Kavkaz Center.

Kavkaz-Center News

2003-09-25 14:11:18

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