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Keith, Yevette, Rich, et al.

Outlook automatically performs "Forward" as "Forward as an attachment"
whenever more than one messages forwarded at the same time.

Therefore, in order to have any given [one] message forwarded as an
attachment, you may find the following sequence of action
straightforward.  [Besides, it is a lot easier to perform than describe.
1) In Preview, choose the message you want to forward as an attachment.
2) Then choose an additional, any other message, e.g. using 'Ctrl' +
mouse left-click [giving Outlook the impression that you want to forward
more than one message at the same time - hence they will automatically
be attached as attachments (files) instead of inclusion as text in the
message body)].
3) You will see the two messages you just picked up as attachments in
the message you just created.
4) Delete the extra attachment, the message that you do not want to
forward, and just leave the one you in fact want to forward as an
5) Please, write whatever forwarding comment in the message body.

The above steps should result in sending the forwarded message intact as
an attachment, and the receiver is able to inspect the forwarded message
in its original state.


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| Another alterrnate method" that works in all versions of Outlook that
| I've used:
| - Create a new email message
| - Resize the new message so that you can see your Outlook Inbox
| - Drag and drop the original from your inbox onto the new email
| The original message will be preserved along with all the header
| information 
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| Keith Bergen Wrote:
| I use Outlook 2000 at work. It only has a "Forward" option,
| not a Forward as Attachment. I use Outlook XP for my personal
| email. I will check if it has a "Forward as Attachment"
| option. I don't recall seeing one.
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| Outlook 2000 can forward an email as an attachement:
| Tools menu - Options - Under preferences tab - Email Options - When
| forwarding a message - attach original message.
| -Yevette
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