[Dshield] Remote logging via syslogd

mark rowlands mark.rowlands at mypost.se
Mon Sep 29 17:59:00 GMT 2003

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> Greetings:
> We are remotely managing a couple of Sparc boxes. We want to 
> do centralized logging, where syslogd on the remote systems 
> logs to our local log server. This is essentially a 
> brain-dead configuration, if we want to do logging over the 
> Internet in plain text. In fact, we tested the configuration 
> and it worked first time.
> However, logging in plain text will not cut it -- too much 
> information is leaked for this to work in a production 
> environment. What we really want to do is to route the remote 
> logs through a secure tunnel. We were thinking this was the 
> perfect job for stunnel, until we remembered that stunnel 
> doesn't support UDP.
> Any thoughts on an easy way to do real-time secure remote 
> logging between Sparc boxes?

Syslog-ng  ? 

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