[Dshield] port 8888 and botnets

Taps Taps at Iniquity.Org
Thu Apr 1 00:59:55 GMT 2004

If I recall correctly, port 8888 is the default port used by EGGDROP IRC
Bots.  A quick Google search for EGGDROP + BOT + IRC will pull up TONS
of information on them.  Much more than I can put here.

Chris Patterson
Taps at Iniquity.Org

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> Anyone know what tcp port 8888 is used for and how it relates 
> to botnets?  I noticed a scan for port 8888, so I'm trying to 
> look it up.  I have the neohapsis results, but I remember 
> seeing something about port 8888 and botnets. 
> Thanks,
> Tim
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