[Dshield] Change windows local passwords remotely

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Thu Apr 1 12:52:02 GMT 2004

"Thanks, unfortunately this is going to be run in a university environment 
as such we do not have direct control/physical access to all the machines 
so I don't think this method would work (unless I'm misunderstanding what 
your trying to tell me it is late afterall)

This is why we're looking for a tool that can attempt to login to the
machine remotely using the c$ share for instance using a list of passwords,
if it is successful it would reset the password and send the user a message
to let them know we reset the password."

This would be a great prank to pull on someone's system.  MIT vs. Harvard 
quality.  Go ahead, put the tool up for all to play with.  :)

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