[Dshield] Change windows local passwords remotely

Richard Roy Richard.Roy at justicetrax.com
Thu Apr 1 15:16:17 GMT 2004

You could try a Microsoft's own baseline security analysis tool.  It is
a bit weak, but it will show some available vulnerabilities.  It might
be something where you have to try several different tricks within the
community of machines you are dealing with to have a better chance of
success.  Knowing what exploitable vulnerabilities are there and open or
which accounts have weak passwords could narrow the time it takes to
accomplish what you want.  Be sure to check with the legal folks though.
I'm quite certain they will have their own ideas of what can/can't be

Just my $.02

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Thanks, unfortunately this is going to be run in a university
environment as such we do not have direct control/physical access to all
the machines so I don't think this method would work (unless I'm
misunderstanding what your trying to tell me it is late afterall :) )


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