[Dshield] Open Proxy Warning...

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri Apr 2 19:53:26 GMT 2004

fre, 02.04.2004 kl. 16.52 skrev Doug White:

> I am guessing that you were reported as an open relay, possibly falsely, which
> got an immediate listing, then when they ran their test, you were cleared of
> guilt. :-)
> This is always the risk when spam parsers look too closely at the domain
> (frequently spoofed), the envelope sender (most always spoofed) when the IP
> number is the key.
> My system had a similar experience when it was configured to accept mail and
> then dumped it into dev/nul instead of a REJECT, a situation which has since
> been corrected.

This is interesting - many (including notables) on the Postfix mailing
list recommend /dev/null (DISCARD) instead of REJECT. Because it's more
"environmentally friendly". You don't bug other innocents with false
Joe-job bounces, as I so often get.

Up to now, I've been REJECTing (smtp 5xx) up to 30% of my mail daily. In
my case, around 200 messages per day, most of which is non-returnable
shit, including all sorts of virus and other nasties, and thus gets
stuck on my ISP's (my sole mailkick supplier's) hard disks for the next
expiry-time days (5 days, in his case). He doesn't mind, I asked him ;)

I was experimenting with DISCARD, employing it selectively through
filters, more and more. But after reading what you write, I think I'll
reverse that policy.




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