[Dshield] Netopia r4652 SDSL

David Cary Hart davidhart at tqmcube.com
Sat Apr 3 02:06:35 GMT 2004

Does anyone have one of these things who can give me some advice on
filter sets?

I am a bit confused with the relationships between filters and NAT. We
have a few public IPs forwarded to 192.168.0.x by ports (the router
defines servers by port, public IP and LAN address) and then 100 DHCP
clients beginning at

I suppose that I could simply forward everything (other than what we
need for mail, FTP and our intranet servers) to a phantom but that's
probably not the most efficient configuration.

Believe it or not, we just adopted this configuration. Talk about HORROR
STORIES, until this week, we had 60+ users assigned public WAN IPs. We
had a financial server on a public IP with no firewall. I have been
trying to get this done since I assumed the CEO slot a few weeks ago.
Finally, our entire system came to a halt when a netware server got
hijacked and created such a huge torrent of traffic that nobody else
could get access. Three other locations are being converted so we had
over 250 public IPs without a single firewall (other than IPTables on
the mail server which I just installed).

Anyway, my rant digresses. Any help with the filters would be most
David Cary Hart, CEO - Drake Schools - http://drakeschools.com
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