[Dshield] Opinons on XP Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) sought

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Sun Apr 4 18:33:06 GMT 2004

> Does anybody really use that thing? Or do people either use free 
> personal firewalls or corporate solutions with policy enforcement? 
> Please note I don't want another thread with "BlackICE vs. 
> Tiny vs. NAI 
> vs. McAffee" or "M$ is crap, PFWs are snake-oil", just ICF pro/cons 
> yes/no enlightenment.

AFAIK Microsoft's Firewall only prohibits inbound intrusions, but it is
better than nothing.  From my experience "The Others" require quite
extensive user setup, 'for the un-experienced home users', and as such they
elect not to run them - or set them up improperly.  For a free firewall that
works on the windows platform you can check out


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