[Dshield] D-Link DI-604 Router

Wayne Larmon wlarmon at dshield.org
Mon Apr 5 14:21:20 GMT 2004

> I just purchased a new Dlink DI-604 Router, what logging program
> is compatable with it it in order to send logs into Dshield?

Some models (non-USA) of the DI-604 can be made to log to syslog.  If you
have one of these models, then you can set it up to log to syslog, use Kiwi
Syslog Daemon to capture the logs

and use our CVTWIN to convert the Kiwi logs.

Link for D-Link USA firmware updates

Link to D-Link Tiawan for non-USA (I think) firmware updates

Be careful when updating firmware.  Make sure to read the docs and make sure
that the model/revision you have is the model/revision that the firmware is
designed for.  When I last heard from DI-604 users, they reported that the
US versions can't be upgraded with firmware to log to syslog.

Which brings us to the bad news.  If you can't log to syslog (Kiwi), then
the only option is to configure your router to email the log.  We nominally
have a server side converter such that you can configure your router to mail
to a special ... at Shield address and we will convert it from there.

Except that this isn't currently working.  So if you can't log to
syslog/Kiwi, then you can't submit to DShield, until we get the server
converter fixed.

> Also, is there a "limit" of the number of filters I can setup for
> the firewall?

I don't understand.  Is this a D-Link firewall related question?   If it is
about CVTWIN, then there isn't a limit on the number of filters.

Wayne Larmon

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