[Dshield] Security CD's, Quick Look

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Tue Apr 6 03:39:49 GMT 2004

Hello All

A Quick Look

As the M$ Security Update CD's  "Arrived Today" I started looking. As this 
machine has Win 2K Server, it pop'd up Win 2K. The Basics for that are 
Win2K SP 4 and MS03-039. The Autorun.exe did a quick OS Check.

Looking at the Date/Time it was compiled 2/5/2004

Looking at the file structure:
DirectX 9B
Fullfixes (Win2k XP)
Win9.x Covers Win98, Win98SE and WinME
   Win98 and Win98SE presume the same base OS.
   WinME has separate files.

The Win9.x appears to more extensive than the Win2K XP.

IT does have Win2K SP4 and XP SP1a

There is no NT 4.0 support.

The quick look Recommends a Personal Firewall, with a web link.
Software Firewalls
Software firewalls are available from several vendors, including:
·       ·       BlackICE PC Protection
·       ·       McAfee Security
·       ·       Symantec
·       ·       Tiny Software: Tiny Personal Firewall
·       ·       ZoneAlarm

Windows XP has quick directions of turning it on.. No advanced settings.

Last But No Least, enabling Windows Automatic Updates. The quick look would 
be get you safe enough to download "hotfixes.."

The Second CD has "Trial Antivirus and Firewall" software

EZ Armour LE (Computer Associates), Warning it starts An Automatic 
Installation. I Hate That! I guess that you would get Hooked because it was 
"so easy." When I look at the Cd I see only the installation file. But then 
I have never been a fan of CA.

I have not setup clean machines to look at the final posture of the machine 
after the CD has completed what it supposed to do. That will take a bit of 



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