[Dshield] Opinons on XP Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) sought

Daniel G. Kluge dkluge at acm.org
Wed Apr 7 01:26:50 GMT 2004

Am 04.04.2004 um 19:59 schrieb Doug White:

> Download and install the SP-2 (currently beta, but stable) which 
> greatly
> improves the ICF and makes it much more configurable.  It has things 
> like
> dynamic ports, which keeps ports closed until an application needs it 
> (with
> authorization from the user) and then closes it upon termination of 
> the program.
> There is much more, of course.

Thanks for the hint.

I disabled ICF, mainly due to the fact that it is dropping lots 
long-lasting TCP connections, anything from AD (LDAP) over NetBIOS 
session to SSH, VNC or X11. IMHO it is a toy with bugs in its current 
incarnation, more to follow once SP-2 is released and installed.


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