[Dshield] D-Link DI-604 Router

Travis tw.hardy at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 06:28:13 GMT 2004

At 09:21 AM 4/5/2004, you wrote:

>Which brings us to the bad news.  If you can't log to syslog (Kiwi), then
>the only option is to configure your router to email the log.  We nominally
>have a server side converter such that you can configure your router to mail
>to a special ... at Shield address and we will convert it from there.
>Except that this isn't currently working.  So if you can't log to
>syslog/Kiwi, then you can't submit to DShield, until we get the server
>converter fixed.
> > Also, is there a "limit" of the number of filters I can setup for
> > the firewall?
>I don't understand.  Is this a D-Link firewall related question?   If it is
>about CVTWIN, then there isn't a limit on the number of filters.
>Wayne Larmon

If this is the same address for DI614 it has not worked in over a year. I 
have sent numerous emails to this group about it and have never been able 
to send logs to Dshield , so I just follow the dissection list.

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