[Dshield] Where should you start - I'll wrap it myself

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Apr 8 12:20:22 GMT 2004

(can't believe I am replying to a spam thread ;-) )

> And you won't blame the clueless user who erroneously reported this list, huh,
> but you blame the system.

yes. I blame the system. Its missing a 'glue filter'. And remember, its
not always just glue-less users, but it could be malicious users as well
that very well know what they are doing.

> What, may I ask is your solution?

The solution is a weighted system that uses block lists like spamcop as
one component. E.g. spamassassin implements such a system. If the sender
is blacklisted with spamcop, it will add a certain penalty to the
e-mail. But just being listed in spamcop by itself doesn't block the

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