[Dshield] What is my ISP doing?

James Jones admin at necrovox.com
Fri Apr 9 17:22:23 GMT 2004


Receiving these as well, I'm a Roadrunner customer too.  They all 
resolve to user address space and not back to the ISP.  99.99% certain 
this is not Roadrunner.



Johannes Ullrich wrote:
>>I caught that late last year and wasn't sure what it was. I reported it to
>>"abuse: at RR and got this back:
> I agree that the logs that started this thread are showing
> scans from another RR user, not scans from RR itself.
> Anyway: In my opinion its a good thing if ISPs do these
> proactive scans of their own customers. I don't have a 
> RR AUP available, but I hope they put a provision to that
> effect into it.


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