[Dshield] BlackBerry Question

Chris cdirricq at cox.net
Sat Apr 10 04:29:31 GMT 2004

We rolled out BB's company-wide about 3 months ago. We really
experienced no configuration issues. The rollout went smoothly. I
recommend you download the Blackberry Enterprise Server Security White
paper at blackberry.com. The BB Enterprise Server gives you the ability
to set security policies and push them out to the Blackberry devices as
a group or on an individual basis. This includes: password length,
complexity, time out, etc. Also, if a BB is ever lost or stolen, you can
wipe out the memory of the device from the Enterprise Server console. In
addition, BB provides strong end to end encryption. Check out the

Chris Dirricq
Dirricq Cyber Security Solutions

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Looks like I'm going to start supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Server
version 3.6 for Microsoft Exchange any problems, vulnerability and
configuration issues I should know about?

Thanx, Paul
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