[Dshield] Recommendations for free firewall and free anti-virussoftware

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Wed Apr 14 13:53:20 GMT 2004

Mark Fugate wrote:
> I provide for for anyone that requests it, firewall software using
> iptables/netfilter software which can be installed on "Throw Away" PC's or
> even servers which has appeared to be effective at blocking outside
> intrusions.  Concerning virus prevention, I would highly reccomend using a
> different email client and web-browser.

For IPTABLES, I hope you do bogus-IP ingress and egress filtering, and local IP source address ingress filtering. Also, hope you keep the bogons up-to-date, block all non-required ports, and most types of ingress ICMP traffic. (Note: RIPE just allocated several 8x.0.0.0/8 netblocks the first of this month.)

We find that ClamAV almost always is the first or second AV product to have signatures out for new malware. Although we do not use it on Windows, I seem to remember seeing a recent announcement that they recently released a new Windows AV engine.

We have had several clients recently move to Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera -- dropping IE & Outlook. The only issue with Mozilla and Netscape is that a few clients insist they MUST have VB scripting support (for web games, I guess) and these browsers do not support it. Opera appears to have adequate support VB scripting -- at least well enough to keep them happy. However, this leaves me with a couple of questions I haven't had time to investigate:

1) Does Opera have the same issues with .CHM files as IE/Outlook? If so, is there a browser that supports VB scripting that does not have .CHM issues?

2) What, if any, differences are there between Opera's VB scripting support and IE's support? (In other words, are there some things that will work OK on IE but break on Opera? If so, are there work-arounds?)

Finally, anyone have any experience with GUI browsers other than Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera that should be considered as viable replacements for IE?

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