[Dshield] Teaching teenagers Computers: What should I cover?

Betsy Horn Bhorn at hfblaw.com
Tue Apr 20 14:23:03 GMT 2004

>>> haakon.alstadheim at c2i.net 4/19/2004 8:40:46 AM >>>
I'm going to be teaching some kids (late teens) "computers", and I
wonder if the dshield community might have some ideas on what to
cover. The knowledge level when we start will be ( I think ) at
accidental chatroom-/game-/email- user-level.

Specifically I remember someone here posting a security howto for
newbie windows users/new machines on the net here some time ago, but I
don't remember enough to find it. I guess something like that would be
a good starting point.

I'll have four school days at my disposal, mostly at my own discretion
with the understanding that I cover "internet, mail, word and excel
maybe some time for playing" which means I'll probably be able to
cover a bit more than that writeup did. Then again maybe not, it's
been a long time since I did any teaching, so the most basic concepts
might take longer to convey than I imagine.


I saved the following post from March 3 "User Security Best Practices"
thread.  It's a great starting place.  Check out the many, many links. 
There are even some posters directed specifically to teenagers.


>>Check out www.staysafeonline.info 

>>It looks like a pretty good site for basic computer security
>>It has a self-test, a guide and some other stuff. Might be what
>>looking for.



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