[Dshield] Several fixes available for critical vulnerabilitiesinMS IE and...

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Just My Two Cents!!

For the life of me I cannot figure out why people Keep using software that 
will ALWAYS have Security Issues!
 If you have not figured out yet that most of these problems Were and ARE 
Still Built In [back doors for M$ and anyone that works with M$] To M$ programs, 
IE and Outlook being the worst!!
1 good example of a program that few know about that is Spyware is MSCONFIG, 
If you are relying on just a firmware Firewall is in Routers or for gods sakes 
winXps firewall YOU will never Know how many M$ programs sent info when ever 
they want to. If you change your Monitor Settings on a winXp Box M$ and your 
Vid Card manufacture know about it in a New York Second. 
         Two things to do Get a Good Bidirectional Firewall and RIP IE and 
OUTLOOK out of your box. You can put IE back if you really believe it is a good 
browser, The difference is that It will NOT be PART OF THE SHELL!!!! 
         Go here and learn how to beat M$ or annoys Spyware OS's.
  snip - "XPlite and 2000lite are powerful configuration utilities for 
Windows creating a modular Windows operating system where YOU are in control"  
 snip- "98lite!

98lite is our unique system utility to customize and tweak Windows9x for 
performance and embedded computers. Free demo available!
Use 98Lite to surgically add and remove Windows features, speed up your 
desktop and boot times and totally remove technology you Dont want or need.
98Lite is great for running Windows under emulation on LINUX or Macs. The 
penguin has never run windows so fast."
        Oh and the Speed, Just this is worth the look, 
            Windows 98 booting from 16MB Compact Flash on a Jumptec single 
board PC with 3MB FREE space - NO compression, NO ramdrive!!   
       Please do not think I am advertising, I AM NOT! I have just gotten 
very tired of endless hours of fixing Bugs that I know are not truly Fixes. If 
they were Fixes Dont you think They would call them FIXES Not Patches? I can 
Patch an inter tube, If I want it FIXED I rip that bad Tube out and put in a NEW 
         I have Had to uninstall 3 so-called "HotFixes" do to extreme CPU 
usage after the M$ so-called FIX
        I also so would recommend GoBack, system admins and take any computer 
back remotely saving hours of time, I have all of my boxes set to Auto GoBack 
at 12 midnight. I do not care if one of the fools that use these boxes messes 
it up. I know that it will be working perfectly at the start of the next 
workday. There are so many ways to back up daily work cheaply now it just does not 
make any sense to not have all boxes fresh every morning. 
                         Hope this helps some, Sorry for running On
                                             Have fun Bill

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Has anyone noticed the problems with the instllation of the Security Update
for Microsoft Windows 835732? (After installing Security fix KB835732, the
SYSTEM.exe process uses up 99% of CPU time, and make the system
I read in a post that Microsoft at the moment suggests that "the benefit of
waiting (for a fix) may not be worth the risk of waiting (worms).  This
problem isn't happening on every machine - just certain (to be determined)
This kept me up a couple of extra hours last night, so if you haven't
patched yet: you're warned!



Yes I have noticed this problem and similar problems with I.E and other

I tend to install the patches and then wait for the end of the day to
restart (**because the users get cranky when they have to restart their
computers**), upon doing so Adobe Acrobat crashes whenever I open a .PDF
document even if it is not web based.  I have also had problems with other
IE apps.

Odd that this would affect Acrobat, even when I.E. is not running.



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