[Dshield] Several fixes available for critical vulnerabilitie sinMS IE and...

Corinne Cook corinnec at abdi.com
Tue Apr 20 21:46:46 GMT 2004

First, you have to have all of the application developers for many
industries create programs that will run on something besides Windows.  We
have systems that will ONLY run on certain versions of Windows and one that
even requires Internet Explorer to access it (I have tried using Opera and
others and they do not work for this app).  People use these systems at work
because that's what the enterprise programs run on, so then they buy these
systems for home because that's what they know.  They don't want to learn to
use Linux for one place and Windows for another; they are intimidated by all
of it.

I think the biggest problem is that PC makers and Microsoft initially got
people in the habit of wanting and buying more machine than they need, and
loading software that is wide open by default, and thinking that something
like an internet appliance was inferior or not as powerful as they need it
to be.  I have seen too many people with more money than sense buy the top
of the line machine, no firewall or antivirus, let their kids do whatever
they want on it and then wonder why their machine is so slow after just a
month or so of use due to all the spyware, file sharing, messaging, etc etc.
If someone were to reintroduce an internet hardware appliance of some sort
as a secure service offering and not just harp on price, they may do better
with the market that is now fed up with computers that are infested and
almost unusable with their new high speed internet access.

Just a thought.

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Just My Two Cents!!

For the life of me I cannot figure out why people Keep using software that
will ALWAYS have Security Issues!
 If you have not figured out yet that most of these problems Were and ARE
Still Built In [back doors for M$ and anyone that works with M$] To M$
programs, IE and Outlook being the worst!!
1 good example of a program that few know about that is Spyware is MSCONFIG,
If you are relying on just a firmware Firewall is in Routers or for gods
sakes winXps firewall YOU will never Know how many M$ programs sent info
when ever they want to. If you change your Monitor Settings on a winXp Box
M$ and your Vid Card manufacture know about it in a New York Second. 
         Two things to do Get a Good Bidirectional Firewall and RIP IE and
OUTLOOK out of your box. You can put IE back if you really believe it is a
good browser, The difference is that It will NOT be PART OF THE SHELL!!!! 
         Go here and learn how to beat M$ or annoys Spyware OS's.
-   snip - 

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