[Dshield] List of websites to block?

Andy Streule andy.streule at lythamhigh.lancs.sch.uk
Wed Apr 21 13:57:45 GMT 2004

have a look at protowall http://bluetack.co.uk/pw.html
it's a packet filter than runs as service on the internet/network
connection. along with blocklist manager it can block 7000 ranges = 200
million ips. 


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There are two quick pathways for this, first you can add a set of web sites
your hosts file which are quite effective in short circuiting accesses
to offending sites.

You can get an extensive list from here:

Second, you can add web sites with wildcards to your restricted zone, the
easy way is to download this program which can add the list to your browser:

Although the program has a limited trial period, it will still do you the
favor of updating the restricted zone for you with the latest list.

and hello everyone, thanks for a valuable mail list.


[Dshield] List of websites to block?
Wayne Beckham wbeckham at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 16 18:36:37 UTC 2004

Does anyone know of a list, or can point me to a list, of websites that
should commonly be blocked at the firewall?  I'm primarily interested in
blocking porn at my home firewall, but this obviously has some business

Any help greatly appreciated.
- WB

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