[Dshield] ISP's blocking dynamic IP address mail servers

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Thu Apr 22 00:21:25 GMT 2004

> > dynamic ip range that these systems are using. Cox Cable 
> for one, and 
> > I've seen mention that others may follow suit, are starting to even 
> > prevent
> their
> > clients from sending and receiving to port 25 off their network to 
> > curb
> this
> > problem forcing clients to use their specified mail servers for 
> > sending mail.
> Unfortunately, that leads to a real problem if the ISP's mail 
> server starts dropping emails, like Cox's is right now.  
> Soon, I'll be requesting two weeks refund for non-working 
> email.  And they'll have to give it to me, because they are 
> blocking the ability to send email to anyone.
Is this is on a business class connection?  I haven't had any issues having
Cox assign rDNS, etc, for email.  The only 'slight' worry I have is they
always seem to back-scan sending ip addresses to there domains.  I do agree
that Comcast, in the US, should block all email i/o from anywhere within
there direct control.  They seem unable to adequately control their
infrastructure - concerning email.


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