[Dshield] ISP's blocking dynamic IP address mail servers

Joseph Stahley 3rd jestahley3 at cox.net
Thu Apr 22 01:40:34 GMT 2004

I'm a Cox Home user with a network behind a router, and I don't see email
dropping, Cox now has a spam filter you can setup on their customer service
site to filter out spam, maybe you should go there to check your setting.
Also check your email client software, it could be your filtering there as
well along with their default spam filter settings on the customer service
site. I live in San Diego, CA so my smtp address is smtp.west.cox.net and
pop is pop.west.cox.net. Depending where you live you may want to check
those settings as well. Also If I am not mistaken port 25 is blocked for
home user accounts, in order to use email servers you have to have a
business class connection, I think they put this in place to try to reduce
spamming within Cox domains from rogue email servers.


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> > dynamic ip range that these systems are using. Cox Cable 
> for one, and 
> > I've seen mention that others may follow suit, are starting to even 
> > prevent
> their
> > clients from sending and receiving to port 25 off their network to 
> > curb
> this
> > problem forcing clients to use their specified mail servers for 
> > sending mail.
> Unfortunately, that leads to a real problem if the ISP's mail 
> server starts dropping emails, like Cox's is right now.  
> Soon, I'll be requesting two weeks refund for non-working 
> email.  And they'll have to give it to me, because they are 
> blocking the ability to send email to anyone.
Is this is on a business class connection?  I haven't had any issues having
Cox assign rDNS, etc, for email.  The only 'slight' worry I have is they
always seem to back-scan sending ip addresses to there domains.  I do agree
that Comcast, in the US, should block all email i/o from anywhere within
there direct control.  They seem unable to adequately control their
infrastructure - concerning email.


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