[Dshield] seems like a flaw in a yahoo url

Andy Streule andy.streule at lythamhigh.lancs.sch.uk
Fri Apr 23 08:48:13 GMT 2004

I discovered this about 6 weeks ago. I should rephase that, I captured
someone doing something on my honeypot (kfsensor
[www.keyfocus.net/kfsensor/] which led me to discover this. 

At the time It looked like somone trying to take over yahoo accounts. they
were trying lots of different usernames but the same password. I dont know
if they were using yahoo messenger but the connections were to my socks
When i tried the url in my web browser, mozilla firefox, i discovered
something alarming.
I sent a msg about it to yahoo abuse but received nothing but the automated
reply back

the url is 


substitute myusername for a  valid username.
if password is not the right password you get a grey page with a box in the
middle saying "hi username" and "Invalid Password"

if you put the right password in, i tried it with my own yahoo account, you
get a different page http://jpager.yahoo.com/jpager/pager2.shtml  At home
using mozilla firefox i got an error page, at work on firefox (just tried it
now) i get a page of html looks like it would launch yahoo messenger if i
had it installed. 

it seems to me that with somesort of script, wget, a list of anonymous
proxies and a big list of yahoo email addresses a person could write a
script to discover accounts that had generic passwords.  All you'd have to
do is see which page was returned to know whether the password was right or

this seems like a bad thing to me.


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