[Dshield] RE: Port 17844

Glenn Jarvis gaj at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 23 19:30:56 GMT 2004

Guy Barnum mentioned :

>If you click on that link the first popup asks you to add 
>internet movies 'to your desktop' so I'm assuming it is 
>a client (adware/spyware etc) talking back to the host 
>that you are seeing?

Popups don't show up on my end. FireFox blocks all of them, which is a 
pleasant blessing. You are most likely correct though. Since my IP 
address is dynamic and I change it daily (sometimes more often depending 
on the traffic), someone else now has it :-)
I knew most of the ports for P2P (such as Kazaa, or whatever it's 
called) as sometimes folks who have been using P2P software change their 
address, and then I get the sucker...That's when I change the IP again. 
However, this was a new one to me and maybe it's new out there as well( 
a new client that's been released lately...).

Just wondered how many other folks have seen it. Have a great weekend :-)


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