[Dshield] ISP's blocking dynamic IP address mail servers

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Sat Apr 24 15:06:50 GMT 2004

jayjwa wrote:

>On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
>It's rarely like that in the US, at least in the states I've lived in.
>Most, if not all, have AUP's that specifically forbid any sort of server
>or inbound traffic at all. I like my ISP for the simple fact that they
>either don't notice or don't care that I do. If someday they scan me, I'm
>in trouble :(
Not wanting to take this TOO far off-topic, I would look for a local, 
smallish-ISP.  These folks are (1) far more likely to have a clue, and 
(2) more likely to give you flexibility, since they have to compete on 
customer service not on how big they are.  In this case, I think that 
size DOES matter - the smaller the better.

One additional bennie is that, with a smallish ISP, you are often times 
allowed (encouraged, even) to do things like set up firewalls, tarpits, 
IDS systems, and the like, and to communicate InfoSec-related problems 
to the staff - who actually listen and respond.

Of course, this is my experience - YMMV.

Thank boB for Static IP! :-)

Ed Truitt
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