[Dshield] counter.class virus from Lavasoft Ad-aware6

Mike Beattie webmaster at erthdra.com
Mon Apr 26 15:08:15 GMT 2004

I run ad-aware fairly often on a win 2k workstation with avg anti-virus by
Grisoft installed and this morning when I ran ad-aware avg detected a js
virus called counter.class.
I unfortunately cannot seem to capture it because ad-aware creates a
directory called cache under it's install directory when it runs but the
virus does not appear until about when ad-aware finishes the deep registry
scan then it removes it and the cache directory just as fast as it created
The only information I have is the avg alert that says run avg to remove the
virus which is no longer there, I even tried to scan the cache folder
manually with windows explorer and a right click scan with avg on the cache
folder at the exact time the virus gets created there but I am not fast
enough to catch it.
Has anybody else experienced this, and if so what did you do about it?
Should I try and contact lavasoft ad-aware or just uninstall ad-aware, or is
it a false alarm from avg?
Any thought's or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Mike B.

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