[Dshield] Reports Summary Page

Laura Vance vancel at winfreeacademy.com
Tue Apr 27 21:43:13 GMT 2004


On the reports summary page of the DShield web site, after I've selected 
and viewed a specific port, I want to clear that field so that I can 
view the entire report again.  When I clear the field and click 
"Change", it puts the port number back in that I just tried to clear.  
It will only replace the value with another port number.

Is this how it's supposed to be?  Is there something else that I'm 
supposed to do to see the entire range again?  I've tried going to the 
other reports pages, but it remembers the value.  The only way I've 
found so far is to log out and log back in, but that seems like a hassle 
if there's an easier way.

Laura Vance
Systems Engineer
Winfree Academy Charter Schools, Data-Business Office
1711 W. Irving Blvd. Ste 310
Irving, Tx  75061
Web: www.winfreeacademy.com

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