[Dshield] Fightback Status?

Mike Beattie webmaster at erthdra.com
Wed Apr 28 14:55:34 GMT 2004

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I don't post to this list as often as I should but I do read all of the
posts and have been able to react in advance to several major issues that I
otherwise would not have known about.
At very least I have learned lots of tips, and valuable information that
directly applies to what I do every day from people who do basically the
same thing, that to me is what the benefit of the dshield list really is.

I think that fightbacks are a very nice added bonus to a free list such as
this one and the real benefit of the dshield list is the networking of
people with similar issues, interests, and jobs.

I would also like to say thanks to Johannes and all of the volunteers that
have made this list possible and I know are continually working to improve
and maintain something as large scale as the dshield list.
I am also just a regular member of the dshield list that would like to say
thanks, I am not affiliated with dshield in any other way.


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David Cary Hart wrote:

> If this has already been covered and I missed it, please disregard. Is 
> DShield still sending Fightback notices? Even when I do it manually, 
> it never shows as sent on the IP record nor do I see it on the daily 
> report.

I'm seeing the same thing. In fact, in some cases it's simply impossible 
to send fightbacks because no abuse address is available, even though 
the displayed whois shows it prominently. I could understand if it was 
some mom 'n pop ISP, but something like pacbell.net?

To be honest, it's making me wonder why I'm bothering using DShield 
besides giving them (us) free stats. It's certainly not assisting me in 
anyway at this point besides some pretty log parsing.

  Even the daily reports don't come though consistently and are often 
based on "last" report instead of a full 24hr. period.

Johannes, are you listening? What's the benefit to us users anymore? Are 
you actively working on fixing these problems?

Your last statement about this (well over a month ago) said you knew 
there were issues and were "working on it".

- -jim
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