[Dshield] Questions About Daily Summary

Joseph Stahley 3rd jestahley3 at cox.net
Thu Apr 29 22:00:23 GMT 2004

I have a few questions in regards to daily summary that maybe someone here
can answer.
1. Are the stats in Packets and targets columns on the summary report based
upon 1 days activity with the 1 target being my router?
2. Are the stats in all packets and all targets columns based upon total
packets and total targets for that day from all that participate in sending
logs to DShield ?
Reason I ask is I see the following and was curious as to what I am actually
Source - (Chinanet)
Packets - 5
Targets - 1
All Packets - 64324
All Targets - 13154
First Seen 4/13/2004 

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