[Dshield] Security Issue with XP

securityguy@dslextreme.com securityguy at dslextreme.com
Thu Apr 29 23:38:44 GMT 2004

Has anyone else seen this?

Just a heads up on XP, I got this from a users group.
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Unless microsoft has fixed it and I havn't seen it there is a security
flaw you can use.  Brian's Buzz sent out the following:

Reader Tony DeMartino alerted me to the problem, which all administrators
of Windows XP machines should immediately take to heart:

Anyone with a Windows 2000 CD can boot up a Windows XP box and start the
Windows 2000 Recovery Console, a troubleshooting program.

Windows XP then allows the visitor to operate as Administrator without a
password, even if the Administrator account has a strong password.

The visitor can also operate in any of the other user accounts that may be
present on the XP machine, even if those accounts have passwords.

Unbelievably, the visitor can copy files from the hard disk to a floppy
disk or other removable media - something even an Administrator is
normally prevented from doing when using the Recovery Console.

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