[Dshield] MyDoom-A/B

Jim Race vimages at well.com
Sun Feb 1 21:50:26 GMT 2004

Lauro, John wrote:

> I wonder how much SCO would really be down, or if operators just
> panicked, and blocked it...
>>From two different parts of the internet (one was tracerouting through
> psi.net and the other through alter.net), traceroutes to
> die just prior to us.xo.net, but to either *.11 or *.13
> work fine for many more hops...
> Also, it looks like www.sco.com was just recently taken out of DNS
> from SCO's name servers...  However sco.com still points to the IP,
> but it appears blocked...

As I just mentioned on another list:

Looks like caldera.com and calderasystems.com are dead as well.

They all go (went) through the same sbcglobal.net:

as2828-xo.pxpaca.sbcglobal.net []  reports: Destination 
host unreachable

So it's not that surprising.


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