[Dshield] Spam: random words at start of message

peterg@mildewhall.com peterg at mildewhall.com
Mon Feb 2 11:23:38 GMT 2004

I've received a different kind of spam today - the usual forged headers,
but this time a string of random dictionary words at the start of the
message body. Also at te end of the message.. Anyone else seen this ?

Subject: Peterg--Bachelor's Diploma, Master's, or PhD - No Classes

Date: 02-02-2004 05:45 am
Sender: Susanna Lynch <rwbiuak8 at mive.co.kr>
Recipient: peterg at mildewhall.com

bushel furnish huddle cauchy socioeconomic jitter electoral leer flax 
rand craftspeople buss banks 
hellbender beriberi incomparable tristate conjecture costello 


Academic Qualifications 

...8< snip  ....

Susanna Lynch

wedge infirm bakelite wouldn't earthmover cubic silken extricable
repression thesis mumford gaff vegetable inman sexual tent artistry
circumferential cognizable manganese batten holstein adult 

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