[Dshield] SCO still blocked by xo.net

Lauro, John jlauro at umflint.edu
Mon Feb 2 12:26:29 GMT 2004

Sometime over the night, SCO has changed the IP address of SCO.COM, so
that it (SCO.COM) is now reachable despite XO.NET's block.  (and I was
testing directly with SCO's name servers...)

They did not change the address of calderasystems.com (checked with
calderasystem's name servers), and so it is still blocked by XO.NET.
I wonder if XO did that on it's own, or in cooperation with SCO...  If
not in cooperation, I wonder if SCO will sue XO.NET and/or whoever
their ISP is...  This would be a more legitimate case then going after

Half the links on SCO.COM still point to WWW.SCO.COM, so their site is
still "crippled".

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